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P/N:  1060PL-NFL

  • Vision Therapy System for use in a doctor’s office and/or for use by the patient at home to help prevent regression between office visits

  • Three-dimensional Gem image used to strengthen the binocularity system, to provide Base-In & Base-Out training and to provide a peripheral cue to aid alignment of the more central two dimensional Fixation Disparity Target with No Fusion Lock

  • Emphasizes the power of engaging the periphery and its leverage on divergence by shifting the Fusion Lock from the central Fixation Disparity “E circle lock” (as in the Gem-PL) to the peripheral Gem image

  • 5 layer Gem image with a range of stereopsis depth of 700 seconds of arc

  • Total accommodation range of 40 diopters

  • Includes: Protective Therapy Binder with pen, Doctor and Patient Manuals, Therapy Record Form & Standard Polarized Viewer

  • Also included in the Binocular Vision Dysfunction Diagnostic & Treatment System (P/N 1070-PL) a part of the hierarchical system of Vectographs

Doctor and Patient Manual

Printable Doctor PDF     Printable Patient PDF

For two sided printing, select flip on short edge

Record Form

Printable Record Form

For two sided printing, select flip on long edge


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