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Pediatric Assessment of Stereopsis with a Smile

PASS Test   3+


P/N 1013+



Instruction Manuel

Printable PDF Manual

For two sided printing, select flip on short edge



Vision Assessment Corporation would like to express its appreciation to Dr. Elise Ciner and the

Vision in Preschoolers Study Group for their
help in the design and development of these tests.
As adapted from the Vision In Preschoolers (VIP) Study, (sponsored by
the National Eye Institute of the National Institutes of Health of the
Department of Health and Human Services).
Licensed from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University.
All Rights Reversed

  • Rapid Stereopsis Test for children & non-readers

  • Extended Quantitative Assessment

  • 8 Cards (480”, 240”, 120”, 60”, 40" and 30" seconds of arc Demo & Blank)

  • Includes: Manual, Pediatric & Intermediate Polarized Viewers, Measuring String and Carrying Case

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