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P/N:  1045

  • Vision Therapy System for use in a doctor’s office and/or for use by the patient at home to help prevent patient regression between office visits

  • Three-dimensional images used to strengthen the binocularity system

  • Offers equal accommodative demand for Base-in and/or Base-out training

  • Utilizes images to produce a SILO Effect as an additional feedback tool for patient performance
    SILO, an acronym for Small In Large Out, refers to the change of the perceived size of an image that a patient experiences while maintaining fusion when convergence or divergence is varied.

  • Range of 4,600 seconds of arc stereopsis depth

  • Total accommodation range of 40 diopters

  • Includes:  Guided Polarized Variable Vectograph, Doctor and Patient Manuals, Therapy Record Form & Standard Polarized Viewer

  • Therapy Binder can be added for additional charge

Printable Doctor PDF     Printable Patient PDF

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Printable Record Form

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