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P/N:  1075-PL

Binocular Accommodative Saccadic Series

  • Vision Therapy System for improving patient visual performance and reading efficiency, consisting of diagnostic Fixation Disparity Targets and treatment Vectographs with saccadic identification targets at two different acuity levels

    • 20/100 - Visual demands of larger print books

    • 20/63 - Reading demands at higher grade levels (smaller print books)

  • Fixation Disparity Polarized Targets (2 cross targets) (Large & Small)

    • Measures vertical & horizontal binocular function for assessment of Near Point of Fixation Disparity (NPFD) & Associated Vergence Measures at Near

    • Facilitates comparison of binocular performance when using a lower versus higher spatial frequency or acuity demand

  • Randomized Fixation Disparity Polarized Targets (Large & Small)

    • Measures binocular/accommodative function during a saccadic eye movement task using a sequence of saccadic identification targets with numbers as the Central Fusion Lock to help relate binocular alignment to accommodation (clarity of the target)

  • Saccadic Polarized Variable Vectographs (Large & Small)

    • Mimics the Randomized Fixation Disparity Targets while allowing for the addition of Base-In and/or Base-out prism demand to provide a therapeutic approach for improving patients’ awareness of their binocular alignment and accommodative control during a saccadic eye movement task

  • Includes: Protective Therapy Binder with pen, Doctor Manual & Standard Polarized Viewer

  • Vectographs also sold as individual Vision Therapy Systems

  • Fixation Disparity Polarized Targets also sold individually with Standard Polarized Viewer


Doctor Manual

Printable Doctor PDF

For two sided printing, select flip on short edge


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