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P/N:  1071PL-SS

  • Vision Therapy System for use in a doctor’s office and/or for use by the patient at home to help prevent regression between office visits

  • Provides a therapeutic approach for reducing patients’ symptoms related to their binocular dysfunction while improving their visual performance and reading efficiency

  • Treatment Vectograph with five rows of saccadic Fixation Disparity Cross stimuli presented at a 20/63 acuity level to monitor visual, binocular & accommodative functions more reflective of reading demands at higher grade levels (smaller print books)

  • Fixation Disparity Target stimuli with Number Central Fusion Lock help relate binocular alignment to accommodation (clarity of the target)

  • Total accommodation range of 40 diopters

  • Includes:  Guided Polarized Variable Vectograph, Doctor and Patient Manuals, Therapy Record Form & Standard Polarized Viewer

  • Therapy Binder can be added for additional charge

  • Also available with larger targets at a 20/100 acuity level, reflective of the visual demands of larger print books, Large Saccadic Polarized Variable Vectograph (P/N 1071PL-LS)

  • Also included in the BASS-PL, Binocular Accommodative Saccadic Series PL, (P/N 1075PL) as one of the Treatment Vectographs

Doctor Manual

Printable Doctor PDF

For two sided printing, select flip on short edge


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